Digital Marketing Portfolio

Design, Copywriting and Project Management

Client: International Hotel Investments plc – Corinthia Hotels Group
e-zine and website

Client: Pepper Sea Club Hotel

Client: The Syntopia Hotel

Client: Avli Hotel and Restaurant


Corporate Citizenship
Client: Unocal Chevron Corporation – South Asia

Budget 2007
Client: ACT Government, Australian Government

“I’ve known Mike for many years – as a digital content creator who has worked for many travel-related companies including Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Creative, experienced and passionate.”

Jill Kluge, Director of Marketing, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group

“Michael is a born storyteller with a gift for reflecting the personalities that create hotels and hospitality experiences beyond the ordinary.”

Barbara Avdis, President, Historic Hotels of Europe

“An impeccable writer, editor and a stickler for detail. Michael’s contributions are practically flawless…”

Herman Grech, Editor, The Times of Malta