Global equity and investment research
Our team of over 80 analysts produces award-winning, tier one-standard equity research and investment analysis. Our international coverage includes daily in-depth scrutiny of over 400 stocks, connecting targeted investor groups across institutions, family offices, wealth managers and giving retail investors potent insights into our clients.

We specialise in expanding the global capital markets’ understanding of our clients’ investment cases. We do this through our unique combination of integrated services under the banner of Investor Relations 3.0, which enhances our award-winning research with bespoke digital marketing services and investor relations engagement. 

Our brilliant knowledge covers all sectors, including:

  • Consumer
  • Financials
  • Healthcare
  • Industrials
  • Investment companies
  • Metals and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Real estate
  • Technology, media and telecoms

What is the Edison difference?
What makes us unique? Over 20 years we have created a unique integrated programme comprising insightful equity research, imaginative digital marketing and effective investor engagement. Investor Relations 3.0 accelerates, widens and magnifies the market’s interest in a company’s investment case. 

Research and content creation is the engine room of Investor Relations 3.0, with our precision-crafted equity insights informing the market and unlocking investors’ understanding of a client’s potential. In the last decade the top four best-performing stocks in the FTSE 250 were Edison clients*. A coincidence? We don’t think so. 

[*Source: Sharepad data 1/1/2010 – 18/12/2019.]

How can we help you?

  • World-class equity analysis
  • An independent specialist voice positioning your investment story
  • Unrestricted distribution – our research can reach any investor; we are not constrained by MFID II rules
  • Strategic marketing communications so your research reaches hundreds of thousands of investors
  • InvestorTrack: our proprietary system providing exclusive detailed analytics in real-time on the level of engagement with research content

Content is the engine room of Investor Relations 3.0. Our work is trusted and valued by institutional and retail investors alike. Many of our senior analysts – such as Lord Ashbourne, Neil Shah and Katherine Thompson – are considered leaders in their fields. 

We start every client relationship with a deep initiation note and then regularly update the market. We know investors want unique insights and alternative data sources so they can draw inferences that will be differentiators. They want advice compelling enough to be acted upon. 

We have many formats for equity research; our publication types include:

  • Initiation and outlook notes

A long-form note of approximately 15 pages is published on every client once a year. This provides a complete picture of the business so investors can evaluate the case for making a company part of their portfolio.

  • Updates

Shorter, follow-on notes are published three or four times a year. They generally coincide with significant newsflow or earnings reports.

  • Flash notes  

We publish quick reactions to newsflow, usually as a precursor to a more detailed update note. A single page to ensure timeliness, flash notes are published as events dictate throughout the year. 

  • Edison TV (ETV) interviews

Every client has the opportunity to be interviewed by their analyst twice a year for a 5-10 minute video, often to coincide with an outlook or update note.

  • Sector and thematic reports

Institutional and retail investors read more than single-equity research. They also need insight into big-picture trends and how stocks fit into them. Our clients commission these reports so investors can grasp the full significance of a particular investment case. 

  • Investor collateral

We are expert at creating investor presentations that capture the imagination and investor relations websites that funnel investors along the path to purchase. Videos, factsheets, podcasts and dozens of other content formats are also available. 

Not only do we work with over 60 institutional platforms including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ, we have also built a global audience of 3.1 million investors. This engagement comes from combining news aggregators, digital media, social networks, stock exchanges and brokers, as well as our own email subscribers and website visitors.

We have ready-made audiences for your content. We also create novel content to target the largest relevant retail audience, the most specific list of high AUM fund managers, or anything in between. We invest in building our audiences by publishing and promoting sector reports and market thematics. 

Digital marketing
Although we reach institutional and retail investors via more than 60 platforms, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ, our digital and social marketing services offer ways to target specific professional investors and the widest possible span of the retail investor market. 

Google search and display
Millions more investors can be reached via Google search and display advertising. Our method ensures relevant content reaches the right investors. We can target large retail audiences with a propensity to purchase a particular stock, or a tiny, closed list of institutional investors, ahead of an outreach campaign.

Investor relations websites
As the market leader, we have the creative, user-experience and technical capabilities to produce effective IR pages. We can enhance your existing presence or start with a blank canvas.

Social media
Organic and paid campaigns are a key element of enhancing research distribution. We work across all the major apps and networks, and have relationships with investment influencers who post our sponsored content natively to their own large audiences.


How does our research differ from sell-side coverage?
We employ analysts based primarily in the UK, Europe and the US who have deep sector-specific expertise. We provide a minimum service level to clients, ensuring regular guaranteed coverage. 

Our research does not carry ratings or recommendations, but we do discuss valuation, which allows us to distribute our research to a wider audience than sell-side, and engage with a broader investment community – retail, private wealth, family offices, as well as institutional investors. In the MiFID II world, fund managers can access our ungated research freely as a minor non-monetary benefit. 

What benefits do companies enjoy as an Edison client?
Reach is the secret weapon and multiplier of Investor Relations 3.0. Insightful words  and videos only have an impact when seen. Unlike brokers, we have an open platform; our regulated content can be viewed by any investor, anywhere in the world. 

To reach our audience of over 3.1 million (and growing daily), we distribute via 60+ platforms, including Bloomberg, Refinitiv and S&P Capital IQ, as well as via our website, targeted email lists and the full suite of digital and social marketing networks.

Why Edison?
Over 20 years we are proud to have built a global reputation for producing high-quality investment research. Our brand is recognised and highly respected. Isn’t it time you experienced the Edison difference?